WATCH THE VIDEO for and introduction to the film.

5 Greedy Bankers stars Pippa Haywood and Ramon Tikaram and is directed by Simon DaVison. The film was mostly shot in the West Country and draws on the fantastically supportive community we have there. It's an independent film with independent financing and we ran a successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.


If you are interested in working on, supporting or backing the film we'd love to hear from you.


We filmed in a very unconventional way - CGI enhanced sets, virtual camera moves, short days, relaxed lunches! Find out more.


Catherine (Pippa Haywood - Green Wing) was dumped by her bank after the 2008 crash and has become an alcoholic mess. Enter the enigmatic master of chaos: Fidel (Ramon Tikaram -Game of Thrones). He's on a mission to get revenge against the five greedy bankers who ruined Catherine's bank and brought the country to its knees. Fidel doesn't have much money but he's a master of the art of chaos - ensnaring and exposing the bankers with edge of the seat stings. But as Catherine gets a taste for revenge she wants more - pushing Fidel into a final nail biting heist where it's all or nothing.


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